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Company specialized in underground works Engineering

and Land Engineering of GRUPO INCOSA.

About Geoconsult

GEOCONSULT-ESPAÑA, Ingenieros Consultores S.A., is the company specialized in underground works Engineering and Land Engineering of INCOSA Group.

We develop our services in projects related to the field of transport infrastructure, hydraulic works, mining and energy sector, highlighting solutions

We have over 30 years of experience in the design of more than 300 km of tunnels, supervising more than 2,500 km of underground works covering all existing construction methods.

We develop an innovative model on project management with an approach focused on adding value to our clients relying on our highly qualified professionals and the latest technical tools. We are a global company capable to develop international projects where quality and responsiveness are key factors.

OUR compromisEs

Corporate Social Responsibility

The overall strategy of the company is in line with our commitment to society as well as the generation of value to all of our stakeholders, investors, workers, partners, suppliers and clients which is one of our main goals.


In the field of Research, Development and Innovation, Geoconsult applies the latest technologies to compete in an increasingly demanding market. Our R+D+i, without losing its researcher and constant innovation capacity, stand out especially for its specific application to an industry as specialized as subsoil engineering and their relation to the civil engineering field.


The commitment to sustainability involves integrating ethical, social and environmental criteria not only in the business strategy but also in the management model of projects in which we participate enhancing sustainable development.