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Inspections and

Maintenance and conservation of infrastructures 

Inspections and Rehabilitation Services

GEOCONSULT develops inspection and maintenance services aimed at enhancing the maintenance of all types of infrastructure.

Conservation of infrastructures is carried out through regular inspections of tunnels, according to maintenance plans in order to identify pathologies and design solutions that guarantee the stability of structures avoiding, among other things, significant economic losses.

Infraestructure Inspection

Calle 30 Madrid

Drafting of projects for the renovation of systems and equipment in the tunnels on Calle 30 (Section 3).

Infrastructure Inspection


Design, study and control for the exploitation of underground infrastructures.

  • Tunnel state mapping
  • Structural damage assesment
  • 3D tunnel mapping
    • Thermography
    • Laser scanner
  • Tunnel condition assesment and refurbishment reports
  • Maintenance planning and priorization
  • Monitoring
Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Lomas Tunnel

Project for the Rehabilitation and Mitigation of Geological Risks of the tram network, Alicante, Spain

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Design,advice and execution

  • Refurbishment and repair design and expertise
  • Water control and waterproofing
  • Construction supervision and management
  • Technical support for dismantling and upgrade