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Security can condition the design of the infrastructure itself 

Safety Facilities

GEOCONSULT has highly qualified professional teams with wide experience and high knowledge of the leading technologies in the market.

In recent years, security has taken on an increasingly important role, influencing the very design of this type of infrastructure.

In addition to their experience, the professionals at GEOCONSULT are familiar with the latest technologies on the market in relation to the various safety systems involved in underground works.


Madrid Underground

Drafting of the Project for the Integral Adaptation of the Ventilation of the Sol Station. 

Calle 30

Drafting of system and equipment renovation projects. Section 3 of the M-30

Tunnel systems

Design, execution and inspection

Design of electrical, fire-fighting, air-conditioning or lighting installations, as well as installation of systems, inspection and improvement.

  • Lighting
  • Electrical power suplly
  • Fire protection and suppresion system
  • Ventilation
  • Inteligent transport system
  • Superfisoy Control and Data Acquisition
  • Computation Fluid Dynamics Simulation (IDA, FDS)
  • Upgrade and maintenance




Construction and operation

Safety in the drafting phase of a project for the construction and operation of tunnels

Piedrafita Tunnel

Fire drill in Piedrafita tunnel A-6


Study, evaluation, design and adaptation

Design of all safety equipment in tunnels.

  • Risk analysis
  • Evacuation studies
  • Firedrills management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Operating manual
  • Safety management
  • Self-protection plans
  • Reliability, Avaliability, Maintainability and Safety in Railway